The Ongoing Problems with Neshaminy’s Teacher’s Union

The Neshaminy School District Teacher’s Union remains in limbo at the present time. Much like unions in many other parts of this country, this union is having a difficult time reaching a contract negotiation after more than three years of efforts by both the union and the school board. While the unrest between these two entities continues, students and parents are looking forward and hoping for a resolution to this troublesome situation.

Neshaminy teachers are being asked to pay a portion of their healthcare, and they have been without raises for three years. Strikes and meetings with the school board continue to leave this situation unresolved, though both sides continue to state they want to find an amicable solution to the problem. While the teachers contest that they are deserving of raises and should not have to pay any portion of their healthcare, the school board contends that the funds are not available to pay for these things and passing these costs onto the tax payers in an already troubled economy would be a difficult pill for the community to swallow.

Non binding arbitration took place a few months ago, but a resolution still was not reached. The teachers walked away whispering about another strike, while the school board maintains that they are doing all they can to bring this situation to a close for all the tax payers involved.

It is difficult to say who is right or wrong in this situation, because both sides have good points. Parents ultimately want to see this situation resolved because it is difficult to watch a school district that once reached Blue Ribbon status fall further and further in the rankings. The teachers certainly want to see this resolved as well, so they can continue to work in their classrooms and once again begin receiving the raises that they deserve. Finally, the school board wants to see this resolved, as some may be facing reelection and the current climate might lead the tax payers to consider other alternatives for positions.