Taking over the Freezer Section

In the frozen food aisle of the supermarket, it’s impossible not to see one of the foods that are being sold by my company. I became president of the company many years ago after working in the company for an even longer time. I worked my way up and took on various positions until I became at the head of the company. In order to determine which products should go to the markets and which should leave, I use business intelligence from a well known data consultant company. This company analyzes all kinds of sales data and helps us come up with a good strategy.

The company has lots of ides for foods that can be brought to the market, but only if the market will be likely to buy them. Our latest food product is a breakfast wrap that is made of a pancake. It’s shaped like a burrito and the pancake essentially acts as the wrap that holds the eggs and meat inside of it. The pancake has a sweet syrup flavor so that people won’t have to add syrup to it, but they can do so if they want. Before bringing this product to the market, we had to see which products would be best to make into a wrap by looking at our top selling items. The frozen pancakes and the frozen sausages were the best out of them all.

Since eggs are usually eaten as part of a breakfast, we added those in scrambled form to the wrap. We had to taste test the wrap with some test subjects to make sure that it would be well received. The subjects like the flavors of the wrap and we knew that we had a hit on our hands. When we finally started bringing the product to the store shelves, it was selling out very quickly.