Getting Rid of Unwanted Geese

There’s few things as disgusting as going out for the morning mail only to step right into a gross pile of goose feces. I thought they were cute at first. I enjoyed watching them in the morning come and go but it didn’t take long for them to utterly destroy my yard. Less than a week, actually. It happened so quickly that I hadn’t realized it was happening until one morning it was nothing but a yard that had been upturned and left muddy. Bird control in NJ needs to be taken more seriously, a lesson that I have learned now that my own yard has been turned into their feeding ground.

Of course, if I had called the pest removal company as soon as I noticed them coming in I would not have to be spending as much money as I am now to replace it all. I can’t believe I allowed myself to be lulled in by how cute they are. I’m a guy for goodness sake! Sure, anyone can think of an animal as cute and even pleasant to watch in those mornings but to be completely fooled by them is just embarrassing. I never thought that geese could be as destructive as they ended up being.

Who knows what sort of health hazards all that fecal matter can represent, too. I couldn’t even let my brother’s kids go out into the yard and play until I had it all replaced. I didn’t want to chance that there might be some kind of disgusting diseases or viruses in the poop. Now I’ve been doing what I can to tell my neighbors to not let the geese run rampant all over their yard. The pests removers don’t have to kill them and there are alternatives to getting rid of them completely.