Collective Bargaining for Government Workers?

I am a new employee of local government here in Guilford County, North Carolina. I am curious as to whether or not there are other states which are trying to limit the rights of state and local employees to collective bargaining. I realize that Wisconsin is sort of an outlier, because of the extremism of both the governor and the state legislature. They also made sure to exclude groups which were more powerful and more likely to vote for them. So if you are in the Police or Fire Safety Unions the Republicans are not going to threaten your rights. While Scott Walker survived the recall elections because of huge sums of outside money, it is fair to say that his ability to enact extreme legislation was ended because of the Democrats taking a majority in the state senate. A

I believe that the other states where similar actions were tried have largely backed the bargaining rights of government employees. However I am concerned that I will not really be able to count upon my pension being there for me when I need it. Here in North Carolina the state has real budget problems because of the economy and it is really easy for the legislature to look at our pensions plans as an easy place to find money. Of course the Republicans are ideologically opposed to taxes of any sort so they will always favor any other means to pay the expenses of government. In North Carolina we do not have that sort of real extremism in politics, but the Republicans are the dominant party here as in the rest of the South and Unions do not have any real power outside of the government employees. So it would not be impossible for the same thing to happen here as happened in Wisconsin.